Residential Project

A modern home resident no longer walks through a door to the kitchen. Kitchens are no longer indoor, workshop-like eyesores, pigeonholed from the rest of the house. Instead, they are now invited into the central living space as extensions of the living room. Fitted with inviting granite tables or classy bar tops, people now gather around the kitchen to socialize, snack, or sip on coffee together.

People are busier than ever and don’t have time for unproductive lounging in their living rooms. Instead, they chose to multitask by combining their mealtime with socializing. Hence, the kitchen is fast becoming the center of the modern home.

Ardmore Park capitalizes on this modern synergy between the living room, dining room, and kitchen by neatly combining all three rooms into one space. The framework, comprised of the space permitted for the flow of movement, is the only acting divider between these traditional household rooms. The compactness of these rooms is underlined by the fact that they all benefit from the same window.