Residential Project

Natural light, a design element and a decor, is cheerful and conducive for our well being. Designed Design Associates work hard to craft cutting-edge designs that bring in more sunshine. Condo units commonly have window access on one, two, or occasionally three exterior walls. This means that maximizing light intake is both challenging and important.

This residential design integrates several techniques that further light’s reach. A shallow living and dining room increase window space. Moreover, window access is proportionate to each room’s lighting needs. While in a stroke of inventiveness, the living room is moderately covered by an appealing partial ceiling. This urban, clerestory concept, gives the room its own spatial integrity while acquiescing to the lighting requirements of the home.

Meanwhile, open to the living room and wrapped in full-length windows, the dining room offers a panoramic view of Singapore’s magnificent skyline. The cherry wood dining room table and chairs are a charming mix of rich brown and glass.

The Master bedroom is another standout feature of this interior.
Situated behind the bed is a stunning statement piece. Panels of metallic, traditional Chinese patterns sit mounted on a reflective mirror. Soft and warm backlighting gives this gorgeous wall a beautiful glow that gives the entire room a glamorous appearance. It is sure to be one of the most spectacular bedroom walls you will ever see!

Not to be outdone, the bathroom draws attention for its spacious layout. Wall-mounted shelving and a recessed double vanity yield generous storage and floor space. The shower is modern and large with room to breathe.

Making efficient use of the light and space available, this design scheme offers the urban dweller a comfortable living space.