Residential Project

This Singapore based showroom uses warm lighting and charming brown, gold, and white colors to create an upscale interior.

Mixing natural earth tones with gold can be a challenge, but the light balance, use of walnut wood, and gold accent furniture exude a striking glow. The warm lighting gives the walnut a gilded appearance which integrates well with the gold accents.

Elegant, white-cushioned furniture and tasteful textile throw-rugs situated on a polished marble flooring create a clean, expansive feel. Local and traditional geometric art is subtly added to the glazed glass partition and living room side table.

The design scheme makes wonderful use of subtly textured walls to counterbalance its plush furniture and ritzy decor. Smart use of mirrors in the living room opens up space. A paneled facade in the master bedroom act as a sound dampening surface and subtle headboard. While a textured dining room wall provides depth and imagination. Each surface has a unique finish and texture that add crafted aesthetic value to this interior.