Residential Project

Re-inventing the possibilities for typical shoe size units, DDA’s approach for this luxury residential design project was to adopt both conventional ideas (usage of mirrors, etc.) and new, bold designs. This design inspires the transformation of a compact 420sqft typical single dwelling space into a cozy and welcoming little home.

By re-examining the spatial relationship within the standard studio apartment, the design allows hierarchy between spaces to be re-defined, elevating possibilities in terms of both functionality and aesthetics.

Central to the design style is the exploration of overlapping spaces such as a mezzanine above the Study / utility spaces, and the removal of balcony doors. The wardrobe and additional storage are neatly tucked away beneath the stairs, enlarging usable space in the “shoe-size” unit. A neat little touch is the incorporation of the personality, gender, occupation, hobbies, and lifestyle of the homeowner. You can see this also in the selection of accessories within Hillion.